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Teams are the way work gets done in our increasingly complex, fast-paced, and global world. They are the basic unit of our organizations and a critical piece of the productivity puzzle. For many, work teams are also the closest thing to community in their urban, disconnected, two-hour commute lives.

For both our organizations and ourselves, there is a lot riding on our ability to make teams work.

But for many people today, the reality of working on a team is sub-optimal. Teams can feel pretty crappy. Instead of collaboration, we’re in competition with our colleagues. Instead of diversity of thought and breadth of ideas, there’s tunnel vision. Instead of friendship and camaraderie, there’s gossip and backstabbing.

And it’s not as though the pain is all worth it because we’re so much more productive. In many instances, research shows that teams are slower and less productive than individuals.

Seriously? All that drama for nothing!?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Teams are failing us.

For the last 17 years, Dr. Liane Davey has been studying and working with teams. She started back when she was a graduate student in Psychology studying the dynamics that affect innovation in high-tech product development teams. For the past decade, she’s been working as an advisor to executive teams. For the past seven years, she’s been helping top teams improve their alignment to strategy, reduce their dysfunction, and fulfill the promise of teamwork in creating productive organizations.

Dr. Liane Davey knows how to make teams work.

She says, “That’s how I spend most of my days. I wheel teams into the operating room, crack them open, and try to repair the damage. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just like eating well and exercising every day can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, simple, healthy practices on a team can prevent, or at least reduce the impact of, the most common team dysfunctions.”

Bring Dr. Liane Davey in today to hear how you can make your organization and its teams work productively, harmoniously, and profitably. Contact or call (855) 242-2914.

Popular Speaking Topics

We spend most of our work lives in teams – and in meetings with those teams. Teams are failing to deliver the business results we expect of them. And study after study reports that experience of being on a team is poor for most people in most organizations. Dr. Liane Davey’s speeches and workshops help audiences work through the issues that make teams dysfunctional and unproductive. She pushes teams to hold themselves accountable and find ways to supercharge their own performance. Popular speaking topics include:

The You in Team

A successful team begins with personal accountability, and in this speech, Liane challenges her audiences to find the ‘you’ in team. It’s not enough to point to everyone else on the team to explain the dysfunctional behavior a team indulges in — you have a role in stopping it. Liane shows audiences how to push their own teams to healthier behavior and greater productivity. Does your audience know what it takes to build a healthy and productive team? Your audience will discover how to:

Spot team dysfunctions before it’s too late

Seize the opportunity to make their teams healthier

Use the right words to engage in productive conflict

High Performance: Do You have What it Takes?

What is the secret of achieving high performance? In this keynote,Liane encourages audiences not just to admire excellence from a distance, but to lean into the disconcerting and humbling experiences that create profound personal growth. She shows her audiences that they have to go through the pit to reach the podium and encourages them to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Your audience will discover how to:

Set goals that will take them beyond their current level

Use stretch opportunities to grow and develop beyond their comfort zones

Win as an individual and within a broader team and organization

Teaching People to Team

This keynote is a wake up call for managers who need to get their teams aligned and engaged. Dysfunctional teams are nothing new. Over the years, the market has concocted all manner of silly and superficial approaches to fixing them. It’s time to move beyond team building to a more business focused, grown up approach to building vital teams. In this session, Liane shows how you can use team effectiveness to drive the renaissance of an organization, improve its bottom line, or create a high-performance culture. Your audience will discover how to:

Zero in on the unique value of the team to the organization (and cut out low value work)

Create insights about individuals that improve the team dynamic

Anchor changes in processes to sustain team performance over the long haul

What Audiences Say

“This is the most valuable and effective team process with which I have ever been involved. Liane has a ‘no nonsense’, practical style, which enables her to get the ‘real’ issues out related to team effectiveness. Senior leaders readily relate to her approach.”
Anne Berend, Rogers Communications , VP, Human Resources | Communications, ITS and Network


“Thank you again for the inspirational presentation today. Your incredible passion for enabling high performing teams is evident and infectious.”
Leanne McLean


“We appreciated your ability to impart practical tools and skills to be used for everyday problems that arise in the corporate landscape. Your ability to communicate in a down-to-earth manner resonated with everyone and played a huge part in providing guests with tools they could walk away with to utilize in their own work places. You’re a significant contributor to the overall perceived value of our guest’s experience and for that we’re truly grateful!”                                                                                                               Andrea Shaw, Founder & Managing Partner, TwentyTen Group


“Liane: I wanted to thank you and Knightsbridge again for contributing to our Global Law Department Meeting, and really setting the stage for 2.5 days of great meetings and even better dialogue between the members of the team. As I mentioned, many are new to the team, and over half had never met each other, so the impact of thinking about team effectiveness was considerable. The feedback was very, very positive. You may have achieved the best presentation award, but remember you were up against a bunch of lawyers! Thanks again.”
Gordon Davies, Open Text Corporation, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

“Thumbs up! Great speaker, great ideas, and I appreciate the free resources.”
CAAT HR Conference

“Liane is a gifted communicator, who has the unique ability to help find the way forward in even the most complicated situations. She can analyze a problem, and situate it in a theoretical framework. What is most impressive though, is her ability to help find the right words to say. Her feedback prepares one to respond effectively in the moment, and also to expand one’s ability to communicate in powerful and effective ways.”
Linda Mohri, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health





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